Concentrated Solar and its Role in Solving Climate Change

thermal efficiency

Concentrating solar describes a range of technologies that collect and concentrate sunlight in order to make use of its energy by converting it to heat. The idea of concentrating solar goes back at least to Archimedes, who may have (historians like to argue about this) used an array of mirrors to focus sunlight on approaching […]

Green Hydrogen: The Fuel of the Future

Heliogen is working to empower a sustainable future by unlocking the power of sunlight to replace fossil fuels. Today, a massive opportunity exists to decarbonize the industrial sector and lower emissions from transportation. Green hydrogen could be the answer. Why hydrogen? Hydrogen is a powerful, transportable energy carrier that can produce electricity, power industry, and enable transportation. Unlike fossil fuels, when hydrogen is burned, it generates only water as a byproduct, meaning no harmful greenhouse gas emissions. For […]

A Journey to Power the Globe with Renewable Energy

Bill Gross served as Heliogen’s CEO until February 2023. All my life I have dreamt of finding new, sustainable ways to meet our energy needs. Heliogen is the culmination of my life’s efforts: our goal is to replace and create fuel with pure, concentrated sunlight, allowing us to power the earth with the sun. I […]