Concentrating sunlight on demand. 

Heliogen’s modular solution is designed to replace the use of fossil fuels in demanding operations. By combining AI-controlled concentrating solar thermal technology with long-duration thermal energy storage, Heliogen can provide dispatchable renewable energy for heat and energy-intensive operations.

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Aligning with Your Energy Transition Strategy

Decarbonize Your Operations

With over 50% of global greenhouse gas emissions coming from industry and transportation, transitioning these sectors to renewable energy is an immediate imperative. Heliogen starts with solutions for cost competitive carbon-free process steam and power generation. By concentrating solar thermal energy and storing it for long durations, we give businesses an efficient, dispatchable alternative.

Cost Efficiency

up to 85%
Capacity factor makes Heliogen more cost effective than other renewable alternatives.

Heliogen aims to make clean energy more economical than fossil fuels.
By addressing intermittency, we have designed a solution that can deliver, dispatchable energy from sunlight.

Clean, Renewable Steam

Million metric tons of greenhouse gas emitted in the US to generate industrial steam.

Our technology cost effectively supplies carbon-free industrial steam
up to 300 °C. 


Kilograms/year of fuel-cell, vehicle-grade hydrogen through the use of a third-party electrolyzer.

Each Heliogen module can produce enough green hydrogen fuel to supply a fleet of 18 heavy-duty trucks covering approximately 5600 miles (9000 km) per day.

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Advanced Concentrating Solar Thermal Energy

Our patented, breakthrough technology uses AI, cameras, and advanced computer vision software to precisely align an array of mirrors that reflect and concentrate sunlight on a receiver tower. During the daytime, the receiver generates heat which is transferred to thermal energy storage and supplies continuous clean steam or power. Heliogen’s modular solar thermal energy plant can be located anywhere with sufficient sunlight, producing dispatchable and cost competitive electric power. 


A Range of Scalable Solar Thermal Solutions

Whatever your operating environment, Heliogen offers a solution flexible enough to meet the specific energy requirements of your facilities. Whether you need clean process steam, or carbon-free power, you’ll benefit from a modular design that enables quick implementation and integration with your operations.

Solutions HelioHeat


Future-proof your business with green process steam today. Long-duration energy storage enables steam production for extended hour operations. HelioSteam™’s carbon-free steam reduces dependence on natural gas, petroleum and coal. 

Solutions Power

Net-Zero Power Generation

Transform solar thermal energy into clean electricity to power your facilities around the clock. HelioPower™ uses concentrating solar energy and thermal storage combined with a thermal power cycle to deliver high-capacity factor clean electricity.

Renewable Energy for Vital Industries

For demanding operations where tough requirements or remote locations make some renewable options inefficient or problematic, Heliogen’s clean energy technologies offer a viable solution to decarbonize. Our combination of concentrated solar plus efficient thermal energy storage delivers performance, availability, and scale you can count on.

Discover how Heliogen's Hybrid PV + CSP System can transform your industry.

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Woodside Energy

Developing the first commercial scale facility

Heliogen and Woodside Energy are jointly designing and launching a commercial-scale, single-module 5-megawatt electric (5 MWe) demonstration facility. The project includes research and development, followed by deployment and testing of Heliogen’s core technology optimized for electrical power production.

“Woodside has set a US$5 billion investment target by 2030 for new energy products and lower-carbon services. Our collaboration with Heliogen on this innovative technology supports our commitment to building a low cost, lower-carbon, profitable, resilient, and diversified portfolio.”
Meg O’Neill
Chief Executive Officer of Woodside

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