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Heliogen is a renewable energy technology company on a mission to help industry achieve net zero emissions. By combining solar thermal technology with artificial intelligence and thermal energy storage, we aim to support a sustainable future – starting with our solutions for clean industrial steam and green hydrogen.

About Us

Renewable Energy Solutions to Advance the Future of Industry

With mounting climate crises and rising fuel costs and volatility, industrial companies are committing to advance towards a clean, renewable future. Industrial operations using fossil fuels produce an estimated 35% of global CO2 emissions. To reach net zero, industry must shift to renewable sources now. Heliogen can help.

Our revolutionary concentrated solar thermal energy solution uses sunlight and thermal storage to decarbonize industrial operations. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), our modular system aims to deliver low-cost dispatchable renewable energy in the form of steam, power, or green hydrogen fuel for industrial customers. 

Industrial demand for renewable energy is enormous, so Heliogen has designed a solution that gets high performance out of efficient components. A Heliogen solar thermal plant starts with small heliostats (mirrors) built on a robotic assembly line, shipped in a crate, and installed quickly on a few acres of land to convert sunlight into energy— expected to reach a price at or below the cost of fossil fuels.

Our Vision

Heliogen's Vision Is To Empower A Sustainable Civilization

Our Story

A Mission-Driven Innovation Story

From our beginnings as an Idealab concept to becoming a publicly traded company, we’ve been working hard to realize our vision of making cost-effective renewable energy available to the world. We’ve invented groundbreaking new technology and are moving towards developing new energy projects. And we’re just getting started.

Heliogen launches with a goal to turn sunlight into dispatchable renewable energy. Early investors include Bill Gates and Steve Case.
First full-scale demonstration facility built with 200 mirrors achieving 400 degrees Celsius.
With growing team and technology refinements, Heliogen begins sales activity in California and completes $10M VC financing.
Heliogen closes Series A and B funding and begins discussions with global customers.
Inks $50M contract for 5 MWe commercial-scale demonstration facility with Woodside Energy. Makes green hydrogen with Bloom Energy. Awarded Brenda Solar Energy Zone lease.
Bill Gross, founder of Idealab, realizes that while solar energy is cost-effective, intermittency makes storage essential for industrial use.
Patented method of concentrating sunlight with mirrors and AI-controlled tracking puts Heliogen at forefront of solar thermal energy innovation.
Achieved 500 degrees Celsius in a commercial-scale facility. Crowdsourced funding round completed.
High-performance standalone pilot facility built in Lancaster, California demonstrates first closed-loop control of a heliostat field.
Company executes contract for $39M Department of Energy award to scale the technology. Expands team and goes public on NYSE as HLGN.

Our Impact

Renewable Energy. Sustainable Difference.

By focusing on the hardest sectors to decarbonize, we’re accelerating the shift to net zero. Traditional renewables can’t efficiently sustain heat-intensive processes running at night. Heliogen’s solutions for storage and dispatchability circumvent this issue, making renewables a viable option. By helping industrial operations achieve their sustainability goals, we all win.

Clean energy that reduces emissions

Heliogen’s technology will help industry transition away from fossil fuels. A factory in a sunny location that has replaced its natural gas-fired boiler operation with 5 MWth of Heliogen energy modules can expect to reduce CO2 emissions by over 8000 metric tons per year. That’s the equivalent of taking 1700 cars off the road. Our technology has the potential to eliminate gigatons of CO2 globally.


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Reducing particulate pollution

Our installations can improve air quality in local industrial and transportation corridors by replacing fossil fuel-based industrial processes and transportation with clean renewable energy from the sun.


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Positively impacting communities

As a company, Heliogen is committed to working closely with local communities to grow job opportunities, develop the workforce, and increase access to clean energy. Several of our current projects are within economic development zones.


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Our Operations

Built for Performance. Equipped to Scale.

State-of-the-art Manufacturing Facility, Long Beach, CA

Heliogen’s manufacturing facility in Long Beach features highly automated robotic assembly lines to sustainably build American-made solar technology. The facility’s location in Southern California provides easy access to skilled labor and international markets.

Testing & Demonstration Facility, Lancaster, CA

Since 2019, Heliogen’s 20-acre Lancaster Facility has implemented rigorous demonstration and testing protocols to optimize our systems’ performance in a real-world environment. By assessing long-term operation under field conditions, we create technology that’s built to last.


Join Forces with Heliogen

We’re teaming up with advanced technology, manufacturing, and power generation organizations looking to cost-effectively contribute to renewable energy solutions for industry. Be among the climate technology innovators to make a serious impact on your customers, your business, and our shared future.

Heliogen combined its solar thermal technology with Bloom’s electrolyzer to generate hydrogen using 45 percent less electricity than low-temperature PEM and alkaline electrolyzers.

Australian energy company Woodside has partnered with Heliogen to build a commercial-scale demonstration of our solution and jointly market Heliogen’s technology in Australia.

Dimensional Energy and Heliogen are collaborating to produce sustainable aviation fuel to decarbonize the aviation industry.

Advance your clean energy future today

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